Norstel announces completion of 150mm SiC n-type wafer development.



Norrköping, Sweden
13 September 2017


Norstel AB, Sweden, announces the successful development of low defect density 150mm Silicon Carbide (SiC) n-type substrates.


“With a micropipe density (MPD) below 0,2 cm-2 and a Threading Screw Dislocation (TSD) density below 500 cm-2, our first 150mm conductive 4H SiC substrates demonstrate our commitment to quality as an enabler for high yield device processing” says Dr. Alexandre Ellison, CTO of Norstel AB.


The company states that it has prioritized wafer quality over time to get to the next wafer size. As a result, emphasis was given in R&D to first decrease the dislocation density in the SiC wafers prior to diameter expansion from 100mm to 150mm.


First 150mm customer samples will be available by 1st quarter 2018.


Ronald Vogel, CCO of Norstel, summarizes:  “Our SiC Perfection development program performed in the recent years has enabled us to achieve a leading position in terms of high quality SiC wafers. We now have achieved to preserve the high quality during the expansion to 150mm. In light of the growing market demand for SiC based energy efficient power electronics solutions  in applications like PVs, EVs/HEVs, charging infrastructure, trains, energy storage and many more the SiC device and module industry scales up to meet such demand. Larger diameter and lower defect SiC wafers will enable them to increase production efficiency, device yields and volume supply capability to meet their customers’ expectations.”



About Norstel

Norstel manufactures conductive and semi-insulating silicon carbide wafers and SiC epitaxial layers deposited by CVD.  The company has a long history in developing SiC process technology and SiC products with outstanding capabilities, low defect rates and a high quality. Norstel produces state-of-the-art n-type and semi-insulating SiC substrates and provides services such as epitaxy, wafer characterization and polishing.  Target applications include SiC diodes and switches for Power Electronics and GaN/SiC devices for RF components used in power conversion, electric vehicles, telecom base stations, etc. where energy can be saved or performance be improved by SiC devices and modules.


Norstel at ICSCRM 2017

Norstel will exhibit at the ICSCRM 2017 conference in Washington DC during Sep 16-22.

Please visit booth #320 to discuss the latest results on 100mm and 150mm wafers.


For more information: Ronald Vogel, CCO, Norstel AB, tel +46 11 21 1750,