Silicon carbide substrates and SiC epitaxy

Conductive n-type SiC epitaxial substrates

Norstel’s conductive n-type 4H single crystal SiC substrates are available in diameters up to 100 mm and the micropipe density can be specified down to less than 1 per cm2. The standard orientation is 4 degrees off-axis and the typical average etch pit density is below 10 000 per cm2. The substrates are normally supplied with customer specified SiC epitaxial layers. We would be happy to discuss your requirements and present our products in detail including supplying first samples. For further information please download the Conductive SiC Product Flyer

Semi-insulating SiC substrates

Norstel’s commercial product range includes 50.8mm, 76.2mm and 100mm diameter 4H semi-insulating Silicon Carbide (SiC) substrates that are available in on-axis as well as 4 degrees off-axis orientation. These products have been developed and extensively verified within the major European microelectronics development programs “Korrigan” and “MANGA”. Our unique HTCVD crystal growth technology is the key to purer products combining high and uniform resistivity with a low density of defects. For specification information please download the Semi-insulating SiC Product Flyer.

SiC Epitaxy

Norstel offers Silicon carbide (SiC) epitaxy growth on customer supplied substrates. Whether you are looking for regular deliveries in large volumes or specialised R&D structures in very limited quantities we are your right partner. For further information please download our Epi Service product flyer.

SiC grinding

When processing SiC substrates there is frequently a need to thin down the wafer and this is sometimes combined with a request for a specific surface structure. SiC is a very hard material and therefore these process steps are more demanding than for other semiconductors. Norstel has developed special processes to handle these tough challenges. We would be pleased to process your substrates.

SiC characterisation

Do you have SiC substrates, SiC epitaxial layers or GaN-on-SiC substrates that you would like to have fully characterised but you do not have the measurement tools available? We have an extensive set of characterisation tools so please send us your inquiry.

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