Due to the transparent nature of Silicon Carbide and due to Norstel’s patented high purity growth process Norstel is able to produce premium white SiC rough material which is a unique gemstone material. Norstel is the world leader in gemstone Quality Silicon Carbide.

Dr. Ferdinand Henri Moissan, a Frenchman who discovered natural SiC around a meteorite crater in Arizona in 1893, was honoured when the SiC crystal has been named after him in 1904. Standard and mostly colour tinted SiC Gemstones are therefore also being known as Moissanite.

In some crystal orientations and purities silicon carbide is colourless and can be cut and polished into a gemstone. Norstel has developed a unique SiC process to mass produce SiC rough material with a superior white colour which then is cut and polished into gemstones that are comparable to the best natural diamonds.

With a higher refractive index SiC exhibits more brilliance than diamond. The dispersion is significantly better than the one of diamond which creates more fire in the stone. Nearly as hard as diamond SiC however is tougher. The Norstel SiC based gemstone with its beauty and superior white color is made to last forever.

Considering todays strive for ethical and environmental friendly production, Norstel offers an excellent choice with material produced with skilled and motivated people working in a modern factory equipped according to the highest environmental standards.

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