Norstel offers Silicon carbide (SiC) n-type and p-type epitaxy growth on either Norstel substrate or on customer supplied substrates. Whether you are looking for regular deliveries in large volumes or specialized R&D structures in very limited quantities we are your right partner.

Norstel’s expertise in SiC epitaxy builds on more than 15 years of experience. Since the very beginning we have developed pioneering concepts partnering with Linköping University and with leading equipment manufacturers.

Today we operate modern equipment in a state-of-the art facility dedicated to SiC. We have installed epi capacity running both multi-wafer and single wafer epitaxial growth systems. Our in-house characterization and wafer cleaning is made in a clean room. With a flexible and customer-oriented attitude we provide everything from regular volume deliveries for large industrial companies to single substrate structures for university labs. Satisfying challenging customer demands is our highest priority. The grown layers can be fully characterized in-house.

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